With my first draft complete, I thought I'd offer a preview of my thesis work.  I'll be posting the final draft and presentation on this site when it is complete.
Our final project centered on the recently acquired and future expanded home of The University of Georgia Health Science Campus.  Located west of the main campus in Athens, the HSC is undergoing major phase planning for future development.  

As a class, we were challenged to justify the site, design, and landscape plan for a community clinic with 20+ patient rooms and necessary spaces such as waiting, staff offices and break rooms, conference room, labs, etc.  

My concept is sited in the southwest corner with an adjustment to the Phase II 2030 University Architects plan. 

Several weeks of this semester were devoted to a healing garden proposal in partnership with Perkins + Will architects out of Atlanta, GA.  The site was a Macon, GA hospital currently in the design phase.  My design responded to both cancer and eye-care patient needs.

Project in full on pinup board (click to enlarge)
For my final studio, I've selected coursework focused on the healing aspects of landscapes. Our first project was proposed as a simple case study with and emphasis on hand graphics or at minimum, hand done digital compilations. With approval, I ventured down another representation path, collage. 

I selected the Barbara Truland Butz Healing Garden in Rockville, Maryland designed by Scott C. Scarfone of Oasis Design Group [special thanks to Scott for sharing project graphics/information].  I wanted to experiment with 2 things: the inter-connectivity of design choices and the symbolic language within landscape architecture and presentation graphics.  Through my own analysis, I chose to represent my findings through various symbols and graphic techniques, allowing for a more artistic representation and an opportunity for self-discovery by the viewer.  The analysis was boiled down to objects, words, drawings, and diagrams all interconnected with pins and strings. 

Every day, I walk past a desolate parking space surrounded by history.  The past literally oozes from within as a freshwater spring, a critical piece to Athen's founding, has been partially rehabilitated. 

When presented with a choice of site, I was quick to adopt this incredible space and design an environment to serve the working public surrounding it.  The spring was critical to the design and offered a great opportunity to exhibit the incredible life within wetland environments. 

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This studio unit exposed us to the formal elements used in city design and how that city form relates to theories and ideals of how cities should function. Here are some thumbnails but for a full project description, click here.

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To conclude the Fall studio, MLA2013 joined with the graduate planning students in a vertical TOD project with a focus on vertical connections across site transects.  We were charged to select a station site along an abandoned rail line proposed to become a light-rail campus connector. After walking the railway, I was paired with Sanhita Bhargva, Tum Suppak, and Zongni Gu.  We selected a site at the intersection of Campus Station Rd. and East Campus Rd, a hub of health, recreation, and family housing.  Excited about balancing urban density with a restored forest network, we proposed:
 • new family housing tower with underground parking
 • Ramsey Center expansion
 • train station with added residential and mixed-use space
 • wellness center
 • community garden
 • playground
 • water play area
 • expansion to Driftmier Woods
 • canopy walk connector
 • stormwater control measures (wetland, retention)
 • daylighting of Lily Branch creek
 • pedestrian/bike connectors
 • revised transit routes
This set of images reflects the design and construction documentation for an outdoor office patio.  The project had to highlight the three crucial forms in landscape architecture: pavement, wall, and boardwalk.  We were given the building, property line, and existing topography with the freedom to incorporate any design to suite the site.   Download PDF >>