As promised, pics from our monkey sighting.




Part of my experience here in CR was staying 2 nights with a local San Luis family.  I was able to spend 2 nights with Blanca, a 70 something mother of 10 on her 80 hectare farm.  They produce milk and tilapia.  

Her home is the hub of 4 other homes close by that house some of her sons who run the farm.  Andrew and I stayed in the cabina, a small room apart from the main home.  It was  a wonderful experience being a part of everyday tico culture, from meals, to chores, to watching soccer and gameshows.  

I'll let the photos do the talking so make sure you read the captions.
While on my homestay, here are some of the wonderful colors I was able to find.  
Check out this video from our hike the other day.  There is a tree that saps this blood red liquid that when you rub it on your skin...well, check it out!
Costa Rica Time.  We will be blogging here.

If Blogger isn't working out, we will navigate back to this site to make our posts.  Stay tuned.