It's me!
With only 5 weeks available to work this summer with Costa Rica coming up, finding employment has been a bit tricky.  Thankfully, Kevin Brinkley with The Seam has sent some freelance my way.  Also, a friend of mine through our small group here in Athens is a manager for a Chick-fil-a so I've been helping him for a couple hours unloading the delivery truck.  

And get this...I'll forever have a memory from this summer work since I can now officially say, I HAVE BEEN A CHICK-FIL-A cow! Yesterday was my first day as a hoofed and spotted dancing cow.  It was a lot of fun even while sweating like a glass of ice tea at the beach.  

The family is headed to Costa Rica this summer for some study abroad and some family time away from the normal routine.  Yes, Sarah, Haley, and Whitney will be joining me during my study abroad program.  

We look forward to all the learning to be had, architecturally, socially and culturally.  More details to come.

Check out the program website here.
Welcome to the new look of seanhufnagel.com.  I'm giving this platform a whirl in hopes it will be quick and easy for future updates.  If that is the case, updates should be more regular and informative.  Enjoy the site and if you have comments, feel free to comment in the blog or send me a message directly through the contact form.