I wanted to thank all those who helped over 50 kids experience the joy of our goats on campus.  Here are some photos from the event.  Thanks Ms. Tubbs for the photos!
Well, after a long fought 6+ month battle, the latest issue of Georgia Landscape Magazine is complete and printed.

I'm grateful this team has produced this quality work and look forward to the continued momentum the magazine will bring to the CED and its students. I was lucky enough to work with a great team of people and I'm grateful for all their contributions.  Its an honor to share OUR work with the world.

Click READ MORE to see all our hard work.  


Project 2 for this semester's Community and Place studio is now complete and ready for your comments.  Check it out here.
One can only take so much school!  Being 2-years removed from my garden, I hit a breaking point this week. I just had to grow something.  

Wanting to have something we could do as a family, we settled on a vegetable garden, something small, manageable, and fruitful for all of us to appreciate amazing growth.  So the girls and I planted the seedlings, they sprouted this week so the pressure was on to find them a home.  I originally wanted to just do some row pots but that was proving to be too expensive and labor intensive.  So this weekend, with the girls gone, I meditated with a shovel.  The sunniest spot I could find is now a garden plot waiting for the seedlings to be planted next weekend.  

I feel better!